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Cross wire feeding mechanism does not blank

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Fault phenomenon 10:When the welding net machine is used for the first time, the weft feeding sometimes does not produce silk, and the machine cannot work normally.

Causes and elimination of the fault:

1.The welding mesh machine weft wire twisting wheel is not properly adjusted,the falling weft wire can not fall accurately into the silk thread groove of the twisting wheel; 

2.The welding net machine twisting wire twisting wire is not enough angle,generally the silk wire cylinder In the motion,the length of the stroke is not enough,the main reason is that the feeding time setting is too short or the electromagnetic reversing valve action speed can not keep up; 

3.The distance between the wire meshing machine and the weft positioning baffle is too small.During the process of twisting,the weft positioning baffle pulls the wire that is thrown out between the wire and the baffle, as long as the gap is increased.

4.The extension length of the weft wire on both sides of the wire meshing machine is different.In the process of twisting the wire,the weight of one end is light and the blanking work is not normal.The position of the wire wheel needs to be properly adjusted.

5.The difference between the size of the reeling wheel groove and the material diameter used by the 

welding net machine is too small.After the weft is dropped,it can not be freely pulled out in the wheel groove of the twisting wheel.It is necessary to replace the twisting wheel matched with the welded steel bar. The problem will be solved. 

6.The size of the wire wheel groove of the welding wire machine is better than the welding.The diameter of the material is too large, and the gap is too large to catch two wefts.Also appear abnormal,as long as the replacement of the bar diameter to match the spun wheel can solve.

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