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Cross wire blanking is not normal

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Fault phenomenon 11:When the welded mesh machine welded the mesh,it began to be normal.When more than ten cross wires are welded,the wire is not in place.

Causes and elimination of the fault:

1.The air supply part of the reeling cylinder is insufficient in air supply.The pressure is normal at the beginning of welding.When the pressure is significantly reduced after welding more than ten wefts,it is important to check whether the double-body filter of the reeling cylinder is blocked or not.The road is too thin and too long,and the air compressor is insufficient for gas supply;

2.The gap between the pistons of the cylinder of the reeling cylinder becomes larger,resulting in a gas leakage phenomenon,resulting in a reduction in the movement force,and the replacement of the reeling cylinder;

3.The loosening and misalignment of the connecting part between the reeling cylinder and the reeling shaft leads to problems with the weft thread;

4.The spool of the electromagnetic reversing valve of the reeling cylinder is not flexible and needs to be cleaned and replaced.

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