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Construction wire mesh welding machine

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Safety operation rules for construction wire mesh welding machine

1.The position of the construction mesh welding machine should be dry, stable and firm,and there must be a reliable grounding device.The wire should be good.

2. Before welding,adjust the voltage according to the section of the steel bar.It is found that the leakage of the welding head should be replaced immediately and it should not be used continuously.

3.Operators should wear protective goggles and gloves,and stand at the same place.It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials at the working place,and fire-fighting equipment is available.

4.The contact point and electrode (copper head) of the welder switch should be checked and repaired regularly.The cooling water should be unblocked and must not leak or exceed the specified temperature.

5.After the work is completed,clean up the work in time.construction wire mesh welding machine

6.Each group of transformers is controlled by a separate microcomputer, one pressurization and multiple weldings to make the welding more reliable, more stable,faster and more intelligent.

7.The construction wire mesh welding machine adopts mechanical resistance welding method, the welding pressure is uniform,and the welding points are firm and stable.

8.The welding electrode head is made of high quality chrome zirconium copper material,which has long service life and reduces production cost.

9.CNC welding can meet the requirements of high-speed continuous welding of 3mm - 6mm steel wire,and there is no open welding or leakage welding.

10.The whole process requires only 2-3 people, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

11.The construction wire mesh welding machine adopts PLC programming control,intelligent human-computer interaction interface,easy to operate and master.

12.The mesh size adjustment adopts digital adjustment,and the welding parameters and production data used are convenient and fast.

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