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Construction wire mesh welding equipment

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The construction wire mesh welding equipment is also known as the coal mine protection mesh.The product has high tensile strength,the mesh surface is flat,the solidity is not easy to pull open,and the safety factor has reached the national standard It is mainly used in artificial false roof of coal mines,which can reduce the cost of coal and save lead wire.It has become a new technology promoted in China's coal industry,and has been promoted and used in protection dams, fence breeding,etc.,and now it has become a construction industry.A new type of material that has the effect of reinforcing steel.

This kind of mesh produced by the construction mesh welding equipment can be new and practical.And will be promoted and used. 

The welding mesh machine is a machine that can weld steel wire or steel wire in a row and is welded in the form of electric resistance welding.It can also be called a welding machine.

Welded wire mesh machine can be divided into steel mesh welded wire mesh machine,construction mesh welded wire mesh machine,wire mesh welded wire mesh machine,aquaculture mesh welded wire mesh machine,coal mine support mesh welded wire mesh machine,guardrail mesh welded wire mesh machine and so on.

The characteristics of the welding mesh machine:the automatic welding mesh machine adopts the power electronic synchronous control technology.The welding time and the sub-control welding are all composed of the PLC digital programming system.Once compacted and divided and welded,the cross wire and latitude can appear on the same network.Holes of different sizes.The welding is firm and efficient. 

The cross wire blanking machine automatically blanks and has a professional wire-discharging system without manual adjustment.In this way, the edge of the mesh of the welding machine welding machine is neat,and no trimming is required.Save manpower and costs.

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