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Construction mesh welding machine

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Construction mesh welding machine

The construction mesh series are divided into:welded wire mesh,steel mesh,floor heating mesh,steel mesh and so on.

The construction mesh welding machine developed by our company is a fully automatic welding equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing the advanced electromechanical control and resistance welding technology at home and abroad.Our company developed this machine with the following characteristics:

1.Each group of transformers is controlled by a separate microcomputer,one pressurization and multiple times of welding,which makes the welding more reliable, more stable, faster and more intelligent.

2.This construction mesh welding machine adopts the pneumatic pressing method,the welding pressure is uniform,and the welding points are very firm.

3.The welding electrode head is made of high quality chrome zirconium copper material,which has long service life and reduces production cost.

4.Using PLC programming control,user-friendly interface,easy to operate and master.

5.The structure of the weft blanking mechanism is novel,and the pneumatic feeding is used to automatically blank the material,and the wire is reduced to zero.

6.The whole process requires only 1-2 people,which greatly reduces the labor cost.

After sales service of construction mesh welding machine:

1.The warranty period of the whole machine is 12 months.The equipment program is partially maintained for life.The warranty does not include vulnerable parts (copper blocks,electronic originals,etc.)and man-made damage.

2.If the customer equipment fails,our company will give a clear reply within 24 hours after receiving the user's call,and go to the customer company for repair before the first time.

3.After the warranty period,our company provides lifetime after-sales service support and provides equipment accessories at preferential prices.

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