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Construction mesh panel welding machine

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Construction mesh panel welding machine performance characteristics:

1. Direct type pressurizing mechanism, good follow-up performance, fast welding speed. The guide part adopts special material with small friction force. The electromagnetic gas valve is directly connected with the cylinder to accelerate the reaction reaction speed, increase the striking speed and reduce the loss of air flow.

2. Long service life and low noise.The pressure speed adjustment function can adjust the upper falling speed of the pressurizing head arbitrarily, and mitigate the impact when the workpiece is pressurized. The construction mesh panel welding machine has the function of rising buffer adjustment, which can adjust the rising buffer speed arbitrarily; reduce the impact of the construction mesh welding machine to improve the service life of the cylinder and reduce the noise.

3. Safe and easy to use the high-performance pneumatic system filter cup is equipped with a shield to prevent debris from splashing when the cup is broken, and to protect against impact from the outside. The cup and the cover are removable and easy to access.

4. Adopting water-saving forced cooling method adopts circulating cooling water to avoid water waste and greatly reduce the amount of cooling water.

5. High and strong strength body structure, the frame of construction mesh panel welding machine is assembled by steel and castings, which is compact and sturdy.

construction mesh panel welding machine

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