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Concrete mesh machine

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Adopt synchronous control technology. Welding time and separate welding are controlled by the computer, based on the window operating system, making the operation more intelligent. The longitudinal wire is continuously fed into the coil, which can be straightened, cut, welded and placed automatically. The grid drawing system is controlled as a servo motor, which improves the accuracy of the mesh opening and the vertical and horizontal spacing is adjustable. 

The main feature of concrete mesh machine is the continuous welding of the coil. In addition, it simplifies the process of changing each tension spring when the wire diameter is different. You only need to switch the cylinder's control buttons to change the pressure on the solder joints.

Scope of application: roads, railways, bridges, fences, fence construction, etc.

Concrete mesh machine advantages:
1. Low-voltage equipment in Schneider brand electric control cabinet.
2. The concrete mesh machine uses brake motor + reducer to improve welding speed and stability.
3. The grid drawing system in the loop is automatically calculated without manual setting.
4. After the pull is completed, the grid drawing car will automatically return to the origin.
5. If there is no cross line in the hopper unit, the machine will automatically stop working.
6. Each mesh only needs to perform a straight through operation on the cabinet.
7. The concrete mesh machine adds a carrying network and carrying equipment to make work more convenient.
8. The welded part adopts elastic input line slot, which makes the welding copper use for a long time.

The concrete mesh machine is mainly composed of a holding line platform, a main welding part, a cross line hopper device, a ladder frame, an electric control cabinet, a grid drawing part and a bracket.

The concrete mesh machine is widely used in the production of construction nets, fence nets, concrete reinforcement nets, fences and so on.

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