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Company Culture

Core Values Of The Company
To create retroactive:Creating demand refers to the creation of striving to improve the quality of products and meeting the material needs of the people;It is based on science and technology manufacturing industry to achieve the fundamental value of the liberation of productive forces.

Business Vision

To benefit people with our wisdom and labor (Wisdom created).

Corporate Mission

I believe China Wisdom created, do advanced equipment suppliers.

Continuous Innovation

Extensively absorb the research results in the field of industry, advanced management standard system, based on independent and continuous improvement, bit by bit accumulation, technological innovation, management innovation, with our excellent products and services to meet customer needs.

Customer Value

Jiaoyang advocates the pursuit of professionalism, continuous innovation, cooperation and win-win basis, respect customer needs and achieve customer value.
Staff Growth: Dedicated staff to become a stand-alone professionals; With diligence and wisdom, live and work, serve the community.
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