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China steel fence welded wire mesh machine

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Many customers have the doubt that the wire diameter of a wire mesh machine is not adjustable. In fact, any equipment has a certain capacity, China steel fence welded wire mesh machine is no exception, choose a suitable welding net machine, its price depends on the accuracy, accessories, functions, models, origin, brand, after-sales service to determine.

So what do you need to pay attention to when buying China steel fence welded wire mesh machine? Let's take a look at the basic advantages of China steel fence welded wire mesh machine:

1. TheChina steel fence welded wire mesh machine is automatically produced, and the welding speed is fast. The skilled worker can complete the whole machine operation, and the mesh can be rolled into a roll.

2, the welding wire diameter is adjustable, using a new type of controllable transformer, according to the different welding wire diameter, the welding transformer can be adjusted.

3. The welding mesh is adjustable, and the welding mesh can be adjusted within the range as needed.

4. The welded mesh mesh of the industrial mesh systems has neat edges, no trimming is required, the welding mesh surface is flat, and the diagonal error is small.

5, long working hours, can work continuously, and ensure the quality of the welder.

China steel fence welded wire mesh machine

China steel fence welded wire mesh machine, with the development of China's economy and the improvement of the level of industrialization of buildings, the adoption of new technologies and new technologies in the construction industry has been changing with each passing day. The traditional manual tying of steel bars in construction has been difficult to adapt to the needs of the current high-speed development of construction projects due to slow construction speed, unreliable quality, high consumption of materials and large loss of material. The welded steel mesh replaces the manual lashing of steel bars with its unparalleled advantages. The steel mesh welding machine has become an inevitable trend in the development of the construction industry.

China steel fence welded wire mesh machine

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