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China reinforcement wire mesh machine exporter

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The main characteristics of the reinforcement wire mesh machine are:

1. The maximum welded mesh width is 3300mm, and the welded steel bar diameter is 3mm-12mm.

2. Diameter of the wire, any adjustable;

3. The weft spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily;

4. The welding transformer air is self-cooling, and the power is greater than 150KVA;

5. The welding transformer of reinforcement wire mesh machine is divided into air self-cooling and water cooling, and the transformer can reach 500 kW instantaneously.

6. Can achieve one compression, divided welding;

7. Use cycle control to reduce grid pollution;

8. The welding pressure is adjustable;

9. Automatic control of welding, fast speed and high production efficiency;

10. Widely used in the welding of bridges, high-rise buildings, railway fences, highway fences and other projects. Fence net, floor pouring top net, building net (Shu Le She net, geothermal net, seedbed net, flower room net)

11. Machine size: 2000mm × 3000mm × 1100mm

12. Machine weight: 2.4T

reinforcement wire mesh machinereinforcement wire mesh machine

As a China reinforcement wire mesh machine exporter, there are some advantages of the Jiaoyang:

1. Jiaoyang has a design and development team of more than 20 people, and can quickly develop special welding machines according to demand.

2. Mature product solutions for construction, enclosing, breeding and other industries, one-stop service.

3. Reinforcement wire mesh materials use large company products, material specifications are guaranteed.

4. Transformer copper, welding head chrome-zirconium copper material composition is closely monitored to ensure the longevity of the welding mesh machine consumables.

5. Customers can visit the factory directly or online, and the company website has four open cameras for you to directly view the factory, processing and assembly areas.

6. Welded wire mesh products strictly implement in-plant commissioning and on-site commissioning procedures, focusing on training customer operators to ensure that you can immediately generate benefits.

7. Return to the customer in time, and directly initiate the solution process for comments and suggestions in commissioning and maintenance.

8. The customer's reinforcement wire mesh machine maintenance needs, quick response, customer remote guidance to eliminate the fault within two hours, can not arrange remote troubleshooting within 24 hours to arrange the technician to solve.

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