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China quality shelves mesh welding machine uses

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The main welding range of the shelves mesh welding machine: wire diameter 2.5-6mm; the width can be customized, the mesh can be adjusted.

Advantages of the Shelves mesh welding production line:

1.The welding speed is fast, can reach 90 times / min;

2.The operation is simple, the parameters are input through the touch screen, a switch button;

3.The motor is equipped with Delta high-end inverter, and the response is fast; The helical gear reducer has a large torque bearing capacity; when the equipment is welded, the motor has the function of welding pause to ensure the welding quality;

4.The shelves mesh welding machine has an alarm function, and the weft hopper is automatically stopped when the blanking error occurs; the equipment is faulty and there is a display on the touch screen. The convenient and fast sun welding machine adopts the gantry type resistance welding and welding design, and has the characteristics of multi-contact sub-control welding.

 The shelves mesh welding production line, the welding is completed instantaneously, the welding is firm, and the automatic CNC system is used to control the welding. The welding is stable and efficient. Excellent performance.

Synchronous control technology is adopted. The welding time and sub-control welding are managed by the industrial computer control system. The control system is centralized in the PLC control system of the host computer. The host interface is divided into two operation modes: button and touch screen. The operation method is simple and easy to learn, easy to use.Shelves mesh welding production line adopts one-time pressurization and fractional welding control. The welded mesh surface is flat and one-time forming, no leakage welding phenomenon. The pulling net adopts the planetary reducer device, and the servo motor pulls the net to pull the net to be flat. The welding transformer adopts the controllable eight-stage transformer control, expands the wire diameter range, has wide application, firm soldering point and no welding.

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