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China quality reinforced steel mesh machine exporter

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China quality reinforced steel mesh machine exporter, multi-point welding machine is suitable for large-scale steel mesh production, using 1-12 welding transformers to control the number of welding points to form N circuits, using the principle of resistance welding for welding.

Blanking system of automatic reinforcing mesh welding machine: The weft feeding adopts the new double hopper type to improve the machine production efficiency, and the stepping motor is used to control the feeding. The feeding is accurate, the falling point is accurate, the welding edge is neat, and no secondary trimming is needed. The warp feed adopts the reeling of the coil wire, and no manual placement is required, and the servo motor controls the automatic feeding.

Safety operation rules for automatic reinforcing mesh welding machine:

1.If the capacity of the external transformer of the welding machine is too small, too much overload will burn.

2.the welder transformer size.

3.the wire diameter of the steel bar welding machine; the size of the mesh, if the transformer is too small welding opportunity to burn and the mesh welding quality does not meet the requirements.

4.the welding time and the adjustment of the welding current, the time is long to hold.

5.the adjustment of the mesh and the control of the weft. In some areas of the South, the welding machine is a small machine, mainly the start welding machine. Generally speaking, the number of welding heads of the welding machine in the southern region is very small.Automatic reinforcing mesh welding machine mainly welds small quantities of wire. Net products, some even small crafts.

automatic reinforcing mesh welding machineautomatic reinforcing mesh welding machine

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