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China poultry mesh production line exporter

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As a poultry cage frame production line exporter,the structure of the poultry mesh production line adopts pure mechanical feeding and drawing net design. Although the accuracy is lower than that of the numerical control, the welding speed of the welding machine is not high on the operator's technical requirements and the price is cheap.

Main use: welding forming of floor heating net, Shule board net, wall cleaning net and packaging net.

When using the poultry mesh production line, you need to pay attention to:

1. The working place of the net welding net machine should be kept dry and well ventilated. When welding in a wet place, the welder should stand on the insulating wood board. Do not touch the welding machine wire by hand. Do not hold the welding electrode with the arm to avoid electric shock.

2. According to the technical conditions of the workpiece, a reasonable welding process (electrode, welding current and duty ratio) should be selected, and no overload is allowed.

3. When the aquaculture net welding machine is started, the direction of rotation of the rotor should be checked to match the direction of the arrow of the welder mark.

4. When using, the fan motor must be turned on first, the voltmeter indication value should be normal, and there should be no abnormal noise when carefully observed.

5. During welding, the current is not allowed to be adjusted. The handle must be used to adjust the welder current during the stop welding.

poultry mesh production line regular model parameters:

Welding wire diameter: 2-4mm

Welding width: 1.2, 1.6m and other widths can be customized

Welding mesh: 20-200mm (adjustable range)

Number of solder joints: 24 or customized according to requirements

Welding speed: 65 times / min

Welding transformer: multi-stage adjustable circulating water-cooled transformer.

Machine size: 8500mm*3000mm*1600mm

Poultry cage frame production linePoultry cage frame production line

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