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China poultry mesh line wholesale

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As a poultry safety barrier mesh machine exporter, we offer the device parameters of China poultry mesh line:

Welding wire diameter: 2.0mm-4.2mm

Welding width: 1200mm

Warp and weft mesh: 20mm-200mm

Transformer capacity KVA: 120KVA × 4 units

Transformer cooling form: circulating water cooled temperature control transformer

Welding speed: 60 times / minute

Mainframe dimensions: 2500mm × 1950mm × 1800mm

Host weight: 3.2T

Outlet form: loop puller

Welding method: gantry resistance welding

Poultry Barrier Mesh Machine

Introduction to China poultry mesh line characteristics:

1.The host control system adopts power electronic synchronous control technology and PLC programming control system control. The control system is separately integrated into the host control electric cabinet. The machine can be controlled by the touch screen or button of the host, and the control precision is high.

2.the welding uses the principle of electric resistance welding, gantry type multi-point welding machine, welding uses one press, divided welding, the welding machine is completed in an instant, the welding is firm, and the welding spot is small.

3.The main machine of China poultry mesh line is welded by various steel plates such as standard steel plate, square steel and channel steel. The structure is reasonable, the performance is stable and durable.

4.The welding transformer adopts multi-stage controllable transformer and circulating automatic water cooling device to prolong the service life of vulnerable originals and expand the range of welding wire diameter.

5.Weft feeding is controlled by stepper motor, automatic blanking, accurate blanking, neat welding edges, no need for secondary trimming.

6.The pulling net adopts servo motor control, automatically pulls the net, the net is accurate, the power is strong, and the mesh is even.

China poultry mesh line after-sales service:

1. The warranty period of the whole machine is 12 months, and the equipment program is partially maintained for life. The warranty does not cover consumable parts (welding electrodes, tubing and fittings, etc.) and man-made damage.

2. If the customer equipment fails, our company will give a clear reply within 24 hours after receiving the user's call, and go to the customer company for repair as soon as possible.

3. After the warranty period, our company provides lifetime after-sales service support, as well as equipment accessories at preferential prices.

Poultry Barrier Mesh Machine

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