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China cage welding machine factory

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Performance and features of cage welding machine: motor power

The equipment is suitable for cage welding machine,suitable for welding cages such as chicken cages and rabbit cages, as well as small fences and other welding fields.

The machine adopts synchronous control technology.The sub-control welding and welding time are controlled by PLC digital programming system.The input panel is touch screen or button.The operation is more intelligent and rational, and it has the characteristics of one-time compression and split welding.The welding power of cage welding machine is electric, and the stepper motor hopper is used, and the servo motor drives the trolley to pull the net. The warp feed form is a disk, and the weft yarns are cut by the straightening machine. The advantage of cage welding machine is that different sizes of holes between weft and weft can appear on the same mesh.

cage welding machine

The cage welding machine is suitable for: animal husbandry, small guardrails.


Welding wire diameter: (2.0-3.2mm)

Welding width: see picture

Requires warp and weft mesh: see picture

Welding points: 13-16

Three-phase AC (AC) 380V ± 5% 50HZ ± 1%

Transformer capacity KVA: 75KVA/2

Transformer cooling form: air-cooled transformer

Power transformer capacity KVA: 80-100KVA

Leakage rate: 1.5‰

Welding material conductivity: 55ms/m (enterprise standard)

Welding speed 50 times / minute

Mainframe dimensions (mm): 4685mm*2525mm*1880mm

Host weight: 3.0T

Out of the net form: CNC pull net,

Transmission power: YEJ112M-4

Brake motor: 2.2KW

Cross-sectional area of each phase (aluminum): 90 square (mm)

Welding method: thyristor synchronous control

Pressurization method: spring pressure

Vertical line feeding: wire

Silo form: single silo

Water cooling cooling flow 0.36t-0.48t/h per transformer

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