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China RC mesh machine exporter

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The GWCD-2500 (3-8) fully automatic reinforcing wire mesh welding production line independently developed by our company, the radial and weft lines of the equipment are all new automatic welding machines for broken wire feeding, increasing the weft breaking automatic picking and feeding function, the equipment leading the new era of automation in the welding industry, the whole device is modularized and the modules are closely coordinated. All of them adopt automatic intelligent control system components.

As a China RC mesh machine exporter, we promise that the mechanical mechanism is reasonable, the operation is simple and easy to understand, and the mesh size can be controlled by the program. Control, the mesh automatically flips, which can reduce the loading height. After the welding is completed, the trolley can be reset within 2 seconds, effectively reducing the welding waiting time. The finished mesh automatically flips the stack output, saving manual placement time, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

The China RC mesh machine operator only needs one person to operate, and the auxiliary manpower can be added as appropriate.

Compare the same pneumatic equipment:

The advantage of fully automatic reinforcing wire mesh welding production line is that it saves the previous air source and cooling equipment, reduces the initial investment, and reduces the floor space. When the ambient temperature is below zero, the parts of the pneumatic welding equipment will age and freeze, which will affect the production and improve the maintenance cost. affected.

Parameter of fully automatic reinforcing wire mesh welding production line:

Model: GWCD-2500

Run line: broken wire feeding

Weft: broken wire feeding

Form: CNC

Welding wire diameter: 3-8mm

Speed: 80-120 times / minute

China RC mesh machine

Product performance characteristics of reinforcement mesh line:

Each group is controlled by a microcomputer separate transformer, one-time pressing separate welding, weld uniform, solid, more stable, faster, more intelligent.

The RC mesh machine uses mechanical welding pressure, uniform pressure points, and no weld burns.

The welding point of the reinforcement mesh line is made of high quality alloy copper, which has a long service life and reduces production costs.

Enhanced transformer design has individual patent, it can meet the long welding, weld and no weld phenomenon open.Only one person is required to operate, reducing labor costs.

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