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Characteristics Of Reinforcement Mesh Line

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  Reinforced wire mesh is an automated steel mesh welding equipment. The reinforcement mesh line is mainly used for the protection and reinforcement of coal mine roadways. Concrete pavement, deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, house floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pipe, pile and many more.

Feature of Reinforcement mesh line:

1. Both the wire and the cross wire are fed by the pre-cut line. The wire is manually sent out and automatically fed, while the cross line is automatically added and dropped from the hopper. It is repeatedly pulled by the servo motor. When welding and drawing, the worker can prepare the wires for the next step, thereby effectively increasing the output.

2. The welding electrode and transformer are equipped with a water cooling system to extend the service life.

3. The cooling circuit is equipped with stainless steel quick-release joints, which is convenient and quick to change; use high-temperature water pipes to prevent the welding slag from getting hot.

4. The welding adopts synchronous power control and discrete control. The welding process is synchronously controlled by the circuit board so that the welding transformer works simultaneously or separately.

5. The main structure of the welding machine is driven by a motor, the spring is increased, and the cost is cheap.

6, The welding material can be hot-rolled ribbed steel, cold-rolled ribbed steel, hot-rolled ordinary steel, cold-rolled ordinary steel.

7. It can be equipped with the flip, drop, automatic packaging device.

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