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Cage welding production line

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Many customers ask: What is the serious fever of the Cage welding production line? I will give you a few notes today.

1. Inspect the electrode holder of the Cage welding production line and the insulation effect of the distance of the organism is good, resulting in a part of the short circuit.

2. Check that the pressure of the influent water, the flow rate of the water, and the degree of the supplied water are not suitable. Check whether the procedure of the waterway is blocked by any impurities, which may cause the electrode arm and the electrode tip to be too hot due to the poor cooling effect.

Cage welding production line

3. Check the copper soft joint and the electrode arm of Cage welding production line, and the oxidation of the place where the electrode head touches is not serious, so that the resistance of the touch is strengthened and the heat is severe.

4. Look at the cross section of the electrode tip because there is too much friction, so that the overload has a fever.

5. Check the thickness of the weld and the continuous effect of the load to exceed the standard, so that the overload has a fever.

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