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CNC Fencing Mesh Welding Machine

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Reinforcement mesh line II(coil wire) 1

Our best price CNC Fencing Mesh Welding Machine has the following main advantages:

1. The most optimal price of the welded wire mesh welding frame is welded by thick steel plates and steel bars. The main structure is designed to be reasonable and compact.

2, cross wire feed automatically, driven by stepper motor, so that the cross wire falls, the mesh size is more accurate.

3. The mesh pull system of the automatic welded wire mesh machine adopts stepper motor control to make the mesh hole more standard and accurate.

4. You can adjust the mesh size.

5. Welding uses a post-model efficient welding transformer. The voltage adjustment range is large, and the wire diameter range is expanded. It can be adjusted via the current button on the front panel.

6. In order to adapt to the customer's ability, the welding transformers cannot work at the same time, but work separately and one after another when welding the same row of intersecting lines.

 7. The transformer is equipped with a water cooling system to prevent short circuits and prolong their service life.
This best-priced welded wire mesh machine uses synchronous control technology. The welding time and separation welding are controlled by digital integrated circuits with high control precision and stable function.

9. Welding speed: 45~60 times/min, the working speed mainly depends on the raw material, the diameter of the steel bar,

Grid space, welding parameter selection, worker proficiency, etc.

Function - Wire Mesh Welding Machine

This optimal price welded wire mesh machine can be used to produce roads, railways, hills, fence fences, building roof casting nets, etc.

We have a variety of welding welded wire mesh panels and rolls of welding machines.

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