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Building wire mesh welding machine

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Pre-pressing and maintaining time of building wire mesh welding machine refers to the period from the foot switch to the signal,the cylinder starts to press to the power supply for welding.The principle is that the cylinder is pressed against the workpiece and the pressure of the air source is increased.It is advisable to enter the welding time just to the set value.

The factors affecting the preloading time of the building mesh welded machine include the length of the stroke of the cylinder and the moving speed of the cylinder.If the preloading time is too short,it may be energized and welded when not pressed,resulting in burning of the welding electrode and the workpiece.The quality of the weld cannot be guaranteed.

The tightening time of the building mesh welding machine is too long,which will reduce the production efficiency and even deform the workpiece.The maintenance time is the time from the completion of the welding to the time when the cylinder is lifted and reset.

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