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Building sheet mesh welding machine

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Automatic building sheet mesh welding machine function introduction:

1.The vertical line feeds the wire, saving labor, and the wire is continuously fed;

2.The horizontal line is broken wire feeding, which can carry a certain amount of weft, servo motor control, automatic blanking;

3.Can continuously send out the net or roll net, according to the customer's needs, you can configure the cutting machine or the netting machine;

4.Main structure of building sheet mesh welding machine: vertical line straightening device, vertical line positioning device, horizontal line hopper, mechanical drawing mechanism, grid positioning mechanism;

5.Welding electrodes and transformers are equipped with a circulating cooling system to extend the service life. The welding electrode is chrome-tantalum copper, which has good electrical conductivity and long service life, which reduces maintenance costs. ;

6.Control system: The control panel is a touch screen, all parameters can be input through the touch screen, one-button switch;

7.The power system of the building sheet mesh welding machine: the pulling net motor is a servo motor, and the weft hopper motor is a stepping motor. The main motor is a helical gear reducer + main body.

The vertical wire of building sheet mesh welding machine is continuously fed by the wire, the weft is straightened and cut, and the placing order is automatically completed. The pulling system is controlled by the servo motor, which not only improves the accuracy of the mesh size, but also ensures the adjustable distance between the longitudinal and the weft. Anhui support network welding machine. 

The building sheet mesh welding machine adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time and the sub-control welding time are all composed of digital integrated system, which makes the operation more intelligent. The welding current and time of each welding transformer can be adjusted separately.

building sheet mesh welding machine

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