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Bridge fence mesh welding production line

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Bridge fence mesh welding production line structure introduction

1. The equipment adopts power electronic synchronous control technology, the control system is controlled by PLC programming controller, sub-control welding, welding time, welding mesh, etc. are all controlled by the host electric cabinet. The control system is easy to learn.

2. The weft feeding material adopts artificial packing, the stepping motor controls the automatic blanking, and the blanking is accurate. The feeding of the warp is carried out by manual feeding or coiling.

3. The pulling net of bridge fence mesh welding production line adopts the servo motor to control the automatic pulling of the net, and the pulling net surface is flat.

4. The equipment adopts multi-stage control circulating water-cooled transformer at the same time, the welding voltage is adjustable, and it can weld different wire diameter steel mesh products and expand the scope of use of the machine.

5. The main application of the bridge fence mesh welding production line: the equipment can be used for coal highway fence nets, municipal isolation fences, garden fence nets, bridge fence nets, etc.

The price of the fence mesh welding machine is mainly related to the structure of the main machine, the range of the welding wire diameter, the width of the welding machine, the system and other factors, and the price is different. Generally, the machine produced by our factory is from tens of thousands to dozens. The price of 10,000 is different and needs to be determined according to specific needs. If you want to believe it, you can consult our business manager.

bridge fence mesh welding production line

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