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Brick force mesh welding machine is shipped to Zimbabwe

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See you Zimbabwe-Brick force mesh welding machine

The Brick force mesh welding machine is packed and will be sent to Zimbabwe.

Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd. has its own workshop and more than 30 years of equipment production experience.

Item Parameter
Number of electrodes 4
Max. mesh width 400mm
Wire diameter 1.6-3.5mm
Line wire space ≥20m
Cross wire space 50-230mm
Electric capacity 36KVA
Welding speed 80times/min/2roll
Control system PLC

1.It is mainly used to produce brick force meshes.

2.Brick force mesh is widely used in construction, hollow wall reinforcement, increase the elasticity, to prevent wall cracks, is a good building auxiliary material

3.Brick force mesh is used for the foundation, wall, etc have higher request for strength and stability of place and the local stress where it is reinforced in the brick and the block. 

4.Brick force mesh is used in the reinforcement of the brick and block construction  every key points of the cement mortar, so that brick and cement mortar to form an integral whole structure, the maximum absorption stress and vibration, excellent anti-crack performance.

Brick force mesh welding machine

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