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Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine

Brick force mesh welding machine is mainly used to produce brick force meshes. Brick force mesh is widely used in construction, hollow wall reinforcement, increase the elasticity, to prevent wall cracks, is a good building auxiliary material.
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Introduction and Applications of Brick force mesh welding machine

1.It is mainly used to produce brick force meshes.

2.Brick force mesh is widely used in construction, hollow wall reinforcement, increase the elasticity, to prevent wall cracks, is a good building auxiliary material

3.Brick force mesh is used for the foundation, wall, etc have higher request for strength and stability of place and the local stress where it is reinforced in the brick and the block.

4.Brick force mesh is used in the reinforcement of the brick and block construction  every key points of the cement mortar, so that brick and cement mortar to form an integral whole structure, the maximum absorption stress and vibration, excellent anti-crack performance

Features of Brick force mesh welding machine:

1.The automatic brick force mesh welding production line is a new research and development project designed for some countries in Africa.

2.It works with coil wire feeding, the double work position welding and automatic centerless grinding roll and shear mesh .

3.The welding main engine has the cross servo feeding system, line servo feeding system, welding system, compact structure, small footprint, high degree of automation.

4.Rolling mesh device is mainly composed of the mesh tension, guide, rolling mesh, cutting and dial the mesh device,which has greatly improve the work efficiency, eliminating the need for manual downtime cut mesh rewinding.

5.The payoff reel is a kind of coil wire device with a bearing capacity of 500kg

6.Lead frame is a kind of coil wire into the material guide device, with a branch guide wheel, to prevent the phenomenon of wire dislocation. Also equipped with a feeding detection device to detect lack of wire or overload conditions to ensure that the welding machine to work properly.

Technological Processes:

Technological Processes.pdf

Technological Processes

1.Wire payoff  2.Wire guider device  3.Main welding machine4.Mesh rolling&cutting device

Detail Image of Brick force mesh welding machine:

Cutting Sevice Cross Wire Straightening And Feeding Device Peoduct

Cutting Sevice,Max.Siameter:3.5mm  Cross   Wire Straightening And Feeding Device        Product

Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine Technical parameters:



Poultry cage Door Machine1 

Number of electrodes


 Poultry cage Door Machine2

Max.mesh width

400 mm

 Poultry cage Door Machine3

Wire diameter


 Poultry cage Door Machine4

Line wire space


Poultry cage Door Machine5 

Cross wire space


Poultry cage Door Machine6 

Electric capacity


Poultry cage Door Machine7 

Welding speed


Poultry cage Door Machine8 

Control system


Brick force mesh welding machine Video

Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine Installation and training:

Our company is responsible for equipment installation and commissioning and after-sales service, and technical staff assigned to the scene to install the guidance and debugging work, and customer equipment operation and maintenance of on-site training.

Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine Equipment maintain:

1.In strict accordance with the Jiaoyang provided equipment manuals for operation and maintenance.

2.In strict accordance with the requirements prepare the installation site.

3.Provide the power and water to meet the requirements.

4.Equipment should be used in the workshop, the working environment will directly affect the performance and service life of equipment.

Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine Precautions for use

1.Before use, check the power connection is solid

2.Welding machine shell must be grounded, the ground is not wet;

3.Adjust the secondary voltage according to the wire diameter, the power switch is turned on;

4.Do not touch the charged body to prevent shock and burn;

5.Check the welding head, spring, rod for damage and loose, timely recovery and repair;

6.After the end of each class to check the electrical control components are normal, such as damage should be replaced and repaired;

7.Mechanical transmission components damaged timely repair. Electrical control section as soon as possible with the manufacturer.

8.Do not open the control box when power is on, do not allow to touch the internal components by hand, to avoid electric shock

9.When checking the internal wiring and control panel wiring, be sure to cut off the power.

10.Do not touch the components inside the control panel, otherwise the components may be damaged.

11.The control box connected to the use of cooling water and ensure adequate flow of cooling water and pressure. Check the cooling system regularly.

12.Regularly (once a month) check the power box wiring.

Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine After-sales service:

Equipment warranty for one year, part of the life of equipment maintenance procedures, wearing parts and electronic parts are not covered under warranty.

Equipment failure I will reply within an hour, the first time to the customer site for maintenance

After the warranty, our company provides lifelong after-sales service support, as well as preferential prices to provide equipment components.


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