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Best china wire mesh fencing panel welding machine manufacturers

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As a China Quality fence mesh welding machine exporter, Hebei Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying welding equipment. The temporary fence welded wire mesh machine adopts intelligent control and high integration. The failure rate is low. The welding control system is independently developed by the company. The welding net is firm and the efficiency is extremely high. It has won many national patents and is highly praised by new and old customers. You need us to make it.

Temporary fence welded wire mesh machine is the most advanced welding mesh equipment of mechatronics. The biggest advantage is that the diameter of the wire is adjustable. The aperture of the weft wire can input the computer to reach the hole distance you achieve. In the welded wire mesh, if you want the pitch of the welding. When you get the change, you can enter the hole distance into the computer to reach the desired hole distance, and the hole distance can be adjusted at will.

The mesh welded by Temporary Fence Welded Wire Mesh Machine is flat and the diagonal error is small. It is the most advanced welding net equipment by the welding net expert.

Temporary fence welded wire mesh machine

Temporary fence welded wire mesh machine GWCD-1600A

Welding wire diameter (3-6mm)

The maximum welding width is 1600

Requires warp and weft mesh 50-200mm

32 soldering points

Three-phase AC (AC) 380V ± 5% 50HZ ± 1%

Transformer capacity KVA 125KVA × 4 sets

Transformer cooling form circulating water cooled temperature control transformer

Power transformer capacity KVA100-300KVA

Leakage rate 0%

Welding material conductivity 55ms/m (enterprise standard)

Welding speed 50 times / minute

Mainframe dimensions (mm) 12000×1200×1800

Host weight 2.8T

Out-of-network form

Transmission power YEJ112M-4 brake motor, 4KW

Cross-sectional area of each phase (aluminum) line is 120 square

Welding method thyristor synchronous control

Welding power supply water-cooled welding temperature control transformer

Welding time 1~99 cycles (1 week wave = 0.02s)

Pressurized spring pressurization

Vertical line feed straightening and breaking

Silo form

Horizontal line feeding straightening and cutting material stepping motor automatic blanking

Water cooling cooling flow 0.36t-0.48t/h per transformer

Random accessories

Temporary fence welded wire mesh

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