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Automatic concrete reinforced mesh spot welding machine manufacturer

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Performance and characteristics of Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine: Synchronous control technology is adopted for the welding network of motor power coal mine support network. The sub-control welding and welding time are controlled by PLC digital programming system. The input panel is touch screen or button, and the operation is more intelligent. It is rationalized, and has the characteristics of one-time compression and split welding.

The welding power of the Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine is electric, adopting stepper motor hopper, brake motor drives the car to drive through, and the stepping motor drives the trolley to pull the net. Both the warp and the weft are cut off by the straightening machine.

Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine

As China mesh reinforcement machine exporter, Hebei Jiaoyang Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine has a good reputation and excellent after-sales service system, 20 years of production and use experience, professional casting sun quality.

The Jiaoyang reinforcement mesh line is simple and practical, so you can buy it with confidence.

Wire mesh reinforcement machine mainly produces reinforcement mesh for pouring concrete for construction, thermal insulation board and national key projects. The width of welded wire mesh is up to 1.6~2.5 meters, the length is up to 12 meters, and the welding diameter is 3mm~5mm.

Using synchronous control technology, welding time and sub-control welding are managed by the industrial computer control system. The control software is based on Windows operating system, man-machine interface, and the operation is more intelligent and humanized. The mesh size of the mesh is more precise, and meshes of different sizes can be appeared in the warp and weft directions on the same mesh.

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machines

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