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Anti-climb mesh making machine

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Anti-climb mesh making machine is a mechatronic welding mesh equipment,the advantage is that the diameter wire is adjustable,the weft wire aperture input computer can reach the hole distance you achieve,in the welding mesh,if you want to weld the hole pitch is changed,you can enter the hole distance into the computer to reach the desired hole distance,and the hole pitch can be adjusted at will.The mesh welded by the machine is flat and the diagonal error is small.It is a professional welding net equipment by the welding net expert.

Anti-climb mesh making machine technical parameters:

1.The width of the mesh can reach 3 meters

2.Weldable steel bar diameter 3mm-6mm

3.Welding transformer air self-cooling

4.Anti-climb mesh making machine welding form once compacted, sub-control welding

5.Adjustable welding pressure

6.Welded wire machine diameter is adjustable

7.Welded wire machine weft wire hole distance input computer hole distance automatically changes

8.Widely used in anti-climbing meshs,fence meshs, floor pouring top meshs,construction meshs.

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