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Animal cage welding production line

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Animal cage welding production line product introduction:

The Animal cage welding production line is mainly used to automatically and accurately weld steel bars into nets through automatic numerical control technology, which is widely used in poultry cage nets.

Animal cage welding production line

Animal cage welding production line Features:

1. The whole machine is controlled by computer and programmable controller, and the degree of automation is high.

2. Imported automatic digital servo motor system ensures accurate grid size.

3. Animal cage welding production line can welded cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, hot-rolled disk steel bars, cold-rolled rounds and other materials, with wide adaptability.

4. Transformer, thyristor, upper and lower electrodes and other welding systems use forced water cooling and flow protection devices, the unit can work reliably and continuously.

5. According to the user's capacity, one or several times of welding can be used, which is flexible.

6. The blanking device of Animal cage welding production line adopts mechanical transmission to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

7. Automatically locate the net length cutting mechanism and cut the mesh accurately.

8. The longitudinal rib design has a splitter, and the variable mesh is flexible and convenient to ensure the accuracy of the finished mesh.

Animal cage welding production line

9. Unique lifting mechanism, lifting the electrode away when the mesh is dragged to ensure the service life of the electrode

10. The longitudinal reinforcement has a storage mechanism to ensure continuous quality feeding while ensuring quality.

11. The vertical line of >Animal cage welding production line adopts vertical and horizontal straightening mechanism to ensure the straightness of the wire and ensure the beauty of the mesh.

12. The unit adopts a detachable structure to facilitate specification adjustment and maintenance.

13. The pressure of the welding pneumatic system is steplessly adjustable, and it can quickly respond to the change of steel specifications, and the welding pressure is uniform and uniform, ensuring the quality of all solder joints.

14. When welding the standard net, the positions of the upper and lower electrodes need not be adjusted, so the spacing can be changed at will, greatly improving the efficiency.

15. The horizontal ribs are automatically stepped and blanked, and the in-position detection device is provided to ensure reliable and accurate blanking.

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