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Animal cage welded mesh production line

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Animal cage welded mesh production line generally has a high degree of index control of the steel mesh welding machine,which is used for the straightening and cutting of the steel bar to the length of the fixed length, and has the characteristics of small length error and high precision. Can be used to process light circles, threaded steel bars and cold rolled steel bars.

 Animal cage welded mesh production line

Features of Animal cage welded mesh production line:

1. Adopt PLC programmable control system, set processing length and quantity, then carry out processing control, speed is infinitely adjustable, with automatic fixed length, automatic cut off, automatic collection, automatic counting and other functions.

2. High production efficiency, the steel bar straightening and cutting speed is fast, and it can work continuously for 24 hours.

3. High success rate and straightness, improve the utilization rate of steel bars, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. The operation is simple, and the general staff can be employed after simple training.

5. The original stop-stop non-stop technology significantly reduces the wear on the steel bars and traction mechanisms.

6. The Animal cage welded mesh production line has high reliability, long service life and safety protection device.

In actual production, there is a certain gap between the produced net welding net machine and the ordinary welding machine. Therefore, from the perspective of production efficiency, it is necessary to select a fully automatic wire mesh welding machine. After all, more technology products can guarantee the quality of welding and ensure the quality of welding. The main control system of the Animal cage welded mesh production line is controlled by the PLC programming control system. The main control functions are concentrated in the main control cabinet. The user can adjust the width of the net through the touch screen of the electric control box.

Animal cage welded mesh production line

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