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Advantages of construction wire mesh welding machine

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Advantages of construction wire mesh welding machine:

1.The equipment is a compact,"fool" type of operation,which is especially suitable for the welding of tunnel mesh.

2.The equipment adopts PLC single-chip control technology,and the sub-control welding and welding time are controlled by digital programming system.The operation is more intelligent,rationalized,and has the characteristics of one compression and split welding.It has the advantages of high efficiency,power saving and labor saving.

3.The economical welding pressing power of construction wire mesh welding machine is driven by the brake motor,and the trolley pulling mesh is driven by a stepping motor.Both the warp and the weft are straightened and cut by the straightening and cutting machine.Welding uses a new type of high-efficiency welding transformer to expand the range of welding wire.Easy to operate,high flexibility,more than 5 times the output of a manual single welder.

4.The intelligent welding pressure is the cylinder,and the power source is clean air.The construction wire mesh welding machine adopts a new idea design scheme,adopts multi-point program-controlled welding scheme and cylinder back-and-back drawing process, which can effectively reduce the whole machine footprint.

5.Our company's products take the lead in adopting intelligent control in the same industry,with high integration and low failure rate.The welding control system is independently developed by our company, with firm welding,high efficiency and low failure rate.

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