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Advantages of concrete wire mesh welded machine

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1.The main welder of concrete wire mesh welded machine uses 18mm thick steel plate as the main body.After professional design,it is connected with thicker steel to form the main frame structure,forming a solid and simple welding mesh machine.

2.The transverse steel bar is designed as the CNC automatic wire-throwing device and the semi-automatic wire-drawing device. The CNC automatic wire-drawing adopts the plc servo control to make the weft wire accurately blank.The semi-automatic wire-drawing device is connected with the main welder transmission mechanism to make the blanking.Time is more precise.

3.The longitudinal (warp) steel bar adopts a pneumatic mechanism to achieve uniform discharge,and the servo drive is transmitted to the welding position.

4.The concrete wire mesh welded machine pulls the mesh using the servo motor pulling device to make the size of the net more standard and accurate.Variety of weldable meshes.

5.Adjust the relevant components to the grid to adjust,the latitudinal grid adjusts the microcomputer control,and the display modifies the mesh data to set different grids.

6.Welder welding adopts a new high-efficiency closed water-cooled welded wire mesh transformer with wide voltage adjustment range.In order to adapt to the capacity of the user's main power transformer and reduce the current impact,the welding power electronic control adopts a method of welding sub-control power transmission,that is,when welding the same row of weft wires,the welding transformer is separately operated.

7.The welding power electronic control system of concrete wire mesh welded machine adopts synchronous control technology.The welding time and sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits,and the control precision is high performance and stable.

8.Variable frequency electric motion power provides flexible welding pressure for the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines.The welding is stable,the spatter is less, the welding speed is increased,the initial investment,operation and maintenance costs are reduced,and the noise in the workshop is small.

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