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4-8mm construction mesh panel machine

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The 4-8mm construction mesh panel machine is a fully automatic mesh production equipment for construction mesh. The wire is automatically fed from the coil wire, and the cross wire is cut in advance.

The 4-8mm construction mesh panel machine features:

1. The line is automatic. Feed from coils, saving labor. The crossing lines are pre-cut, please make sure the finished mesh is even.

2. The use of new water-cooled transformers, compared with traditional transformers, has extended service life.

3. The welding spring pressure saves the production cost compared with the pneumatic system.

4. This construction mesh panel machine can produce mesh panel and mesh coil at the same time. Used in conjunction with the newly designed mesh thread rolling machine, it reduces the labor intensity of workers.

5. PLC control system is adopted for easy operation.

Malaysian customers have custom construction mesh panel machine in our factory. The Malaysian customer contacted our company through a friend's introduction. After communicating with us, the construction mesh welding machine GWC-2500 was finally determined.

After receiving the order, we pay close attention to production and use the highest quality raw materials to ensure that the welded wire mesh machine has a long service life and good welding results. It was well received by customers upon delivery.

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