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3D wire mesh welding machine

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Performance characteristics of 3D wire mesh welding machine:

The mechanical structure of the device is reasonable, the operation is simple, the performance is reliable, the welded mesh piece is flat, the mesh is uniform, accurate, no burn marks, the diagonal error is small, the weft wire and the radial wire are all coil wires, and the wire is automatically straightened. The weft is automatically straightened. And the use of precise positioning device to ensure that the mesh contains no trimming, and the edges are neat.

The pulling device of 3D wire mesh welding machine adopts a mechanical pulling device, which is sufficient to ensure uniform mesh of the welded mesh. Upper and lower electrode alloy chrome copper. The external transformer power of the equipment is 80kw, and the long distance between the transformer and the equipment must not exceed 150m. The welding method is one-time compression welding, and the control precision is high, ensuring that the welded mesh is firm and free of burn marks.

How to use the automatic 3D wire mesh welding machine: Users can cut the net according to their own requirements. The cutting tool (AC 220v, electric scissors) workers cut the mesh during welding. The equipment operation generally requires 2-3 people

1.3D wire mesh welding machine adopts the whole position welding frame of the whole machine to meet the high speed operation of the machine factory.

2.Using a small grid device, a three-centimeter small grid can be used to limit the silk loss.

3.Based on the original model, the structure of the small grid and the shredded part is improved, and the failure rate is small.

4.The small cell device is controlled by PLC microcomputer, and the action is more accurate and reliable.

5.The copper used in this machine is made by forging process, the soldering point is firmer, the use time is longer, and there is no virtual soldering and soldering.

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