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3D panel mesh welding machine

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3D panel mesh welding machine

1.This machine adopts the whole position welding frame of the whole machine to meet the high speed operation of the machine factory.

2.Use a small grid device,the minimum of three centimeters small grid,the limit to save silk loss.

3.Based on the original model,the structure of the small grid and the shredded part is improved,and the failure rate is small.

4.The small cell device is controlled by PLC microcomputer,and the action is more accurate and reliable.

5.The copper used in 3D panel mesh machine is made by forging process,the soldering point is firmer,the use time is longer,and there is no virtual soldering and soldering.

Model use:It can be used in the production of various products such as 3D panel mesh, floor pouring top mesh, geothermal mesh,seedbed mesh and flower room mesh.

The device of 3D panel mesh welding machine adopts power electronic synchronous control technology,and the welding time and the sub-control welding time are all composed of digital integrated sliding circuit,with high control precision,stable performance,firm solder joint and no burn marks.The welding speed is fast and the operation is simple and easy to learn.The weft is equipped with a precision weft insertion device and a precision positioning device to ensure that the weft length is uniform and the edges are neat,eliminating the need for trimming.The pulling net system of 3D panel mesh machine adopts the elastic tie rod and the grid positioning device,which makes the mesh fine adjustment easy,the mesh size precision is high,and the welding wire diameter and the aperture can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range.

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