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3D panel mesh machine produce welded wire meshes 2

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3D wire mesh panel machine

3D panel mesh machine  is mainly used to produce 3D welded wire meshes and underfloor heating meshes.

How to install 3D welded wire meshes?  Please follow follow about 8 steps:

  • Step1: 3D  installation  starts  from  the  concrete  slab,  either  a  conventional  or  Unblock  flooring system. Re-starter bars are “cast into the slab” according to engineering requi rements.

  • Step2 :Cutting  and  assembling  to  the  3D  panels  is  carried  out  according  to  the  engineering shop drawings and cutting schedule. The 3D lightweight  panels are easily assembled forming the wall structure

  •  Step3 :Erection  of  the  3D  panels  starts  in  a  corner  to  give  the  construction  rigidity.  The  panels are  tied  together  with  a  lap  splice  mesh  on  both  sides  suing  a  pneumatic  fastener  tool  hog  ring gun.

  • Step4:The panels are held in place using appropriate bracin g. The type of bracing required will depend  on  site  conditions.  All  bracing  is  located  on  the  same  side  of  the  wall,  opposite  to  the side which will receive the concrete first.   

  • Step5:Openings  for  doors  and  windows  can  be  cut  out  before  or  after  the  panels  are  erected. Pre-cast  lightweight concrete  reveals are inserted  into the openings providing extra  screed lines for plastering and a Pre-finished return surface to fix the windows to

  • Stept6:3D  panels  can  be  used  for  mid  flooring  and  roof  structures,  using  a  simple  connection system.  Many  other  conventional  concrete  or  timber  flooring  systems  can  also  be  incorporated into the 3D concrete wall structure. 

  • Step  7:Before  concrete  application,  all  services  such  as  electrical  plumbing  mesh,  once  all bracing  and  screed  line  are  in  place,  the  walls  are  sprayed  with  a  special  concrete  mix  and completed to the desired finish. 

  • Step  8:There  are  various  finishes  available  including  sponge,  smooth  undulating  adobe,  and drag  or  trawled.  For  internal  walls  if  a  grid   finish  is  preferred  the  walls  are  simply  straight  –edged  and  the  gibe  is  glued  directly  to  it,  the  exterior  is  painted  with  an  electrometric  acrylic paint system




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