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358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Machine

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The anti-climb mesh welding machine is also called the safety fence machine. The anti-climbing mesh machine is used to make protective fence nets, road nets, reinforcement nets, shelves, explosion-proof walls, etc.

Material: Anti-climb mesh welding machine is good at welding various metal wires: stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, round steel, ribbed steel bar.

Anti-climb mesh welding machine is mainly used for the production of anti-crawling nets with a high degree of automation. Mainly used for fences, decoration, protection and other facilities in industries such as industry, agriculture, prisons, municipal administration, and transportation.

Featuresof anti-climb fence welding machine:

1. Main welding machine: Speed: 100 times/minute. Our welding machine uses a pneumatic pressure system to ensure that the solder joints are stronger than mechanical systems.

2. Our wire feed is pre-cut, so the surface of the finished screen will be flatter than the coil feed. And the wire length can reach a maximum of 4.5m.

3. The machine is equipped with a cross-line storage and automatic feeding device, with a storage capacity of about 1.5 tons, which reduces manual reclaiming and improves production efficiency.

4. The power of the traction system is driven by a servo motor. The traction system adopts a circular pattern, which saves time and increases the welding speed. Another advantage is that the tow frame moves, and the line spacing is easier to be adjusted.

5. After the mesh fence is completed, we are equipped with a grab system. It can reduce the work intensity of workers and increase the degree of automation.


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