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358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Line

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一.Basic Info.

1.The 358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Line is made of thick steel plate and profile steel, high strength, high toughness, main structure is more solid.
2. The welding adopts separate-control technology, making the welding transformers working separately to reduce the capacity requirement of power transformer and reduce the impact current.
3. The circuit module is designed by our engineers and university professors, not be easily broken. The welding spark is less.
4. The cross wire space adjustment adopts PLC micro-computer control, set on the touch screen.
5. The mesh pulling system in cycle is automatically calculated, no need manual setting. The mesh pulling car can be back to origin automatically after finishing the pulling.
6. When there is malfunction on the machine, the PLC will alarm, which is convenient to adjust the machine.

二.358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Line Features:

Precut wire,feeding by manual,U type U-shaped groove (retractable) positioning,automatic alignment feed,no feed trolley.、

The cross hopper with a cross wire storage and automatic feeding device,storage capacity of about 1.5 tons,to reduce the manual reclaim material,improve production efficiency.

3.The welding electrode and transformer are equipped with a circulating water cooling system to extend the service life.

The cooling circuit adopts stainless steel fast joins,which is easy to plugged and unsealed,and the machine is convenient and quick to change.The high temperature water hose is used to prevent the welding slag from being burnt.

Pneumatic pressurization,one compression.

The servo motor pulling repeatly can realize multiple reciprocating pull mesh according to the length of the mesh,and the whole mesh piece is completely pulled out.

Product description

358 Anti-climb Guarding Fence Wire Mesh  Machine:



Number of electrodes


Max. mesh width


Wire diameter


Mesh length


Line wire space


Cross wire space


Electric capacity


Welding speed


Control system


1. The product model:358 Fence mesh welding machine for protection/Welded wire mesh machine
2. Power system:Electromagnetic brake motor
3. Introduction:
This machine mainly for production of anti-climb mesh,high degree of automation.The anti-climb mainly used in industrial,agricultural,prison,municipal,transportation and other industries for fences,decoration,protection and other facilities.

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