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2020 Best Reinforcement mesh line

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The Reinforcement mesh line consists of welding equipment, wire and cross wire feeding device, screen stepping system, screen laying and conveying device, electrical control system and cooling system. The material can be rolled ribbed wire, cold rolled or hot rolled round wire.

The reinforcement mesh line characteristics:

1. The main frame is welded with thicker steel plates and steel bars. The main structure is fixed and compact.

2. The cross wire feeding is automatic and driven by a stepping motor, which makes the cross wire fall and the screen size more accurate. If the crossover line runs out or gets stuck, a crossover line monitoring system can be installed to stop the machine.

3. The net drawing system is controlled by a stepper motor, which makes the net drawing more standardized and accurate.

4. Screen size can be adjusted. You can adjust the line spacing by adjusting the electrode spacing. Intersecting line spacing can be adjust through the PLC control panel. Even on the same piece of metal mesh, different sizes of mesh holes can be made through the PLC control panel.

5. The reinforcement mesh line adopts new high-efficiency welding transformer. The voltage adjustment range is large, and the range of wire diameter is expanded. Adjustable via the current button on the front panel.

6. In order to meet the needs of customers, welding transformers cannot work at the same time, but work one by one when welding the same row of crossover wires.

7. Transformer, upper and lower electrodes are equipped with water cooling system to prevent short circuit and extend its service life.

8. This machine adopts synchronous control technology. Welding time and sub-welding are controlled by digital integrated circuit, with high control precision and stable function.

9. The speed of the reinforcement mesh line : 60 ~ 100 times / minute, the working speed mainly depends on the material of the raw material, the diameter of the reinforcing bar, the spacing of the mesh, the choice of welding parameters, the skill level of the workers, etc.

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