Development of steel reinforcing mesh machine

Applicability steel reinforcing mesh machine is a high-intensity, high efficiency with reinforced concrete building materials in the factory by automated production lines, the design of the desired longitudinal, drawing, cold-rolled steel transverse to the spaced vertical alignment respectively all crossing points are used for resistance spot welding together steel mesh. Applied to the floor, floor, wall, road pavement, bridge deck, culvert, dock floor, precast and other fields. The amount of savings steel welded wire reinforcement is made of low-carbon hot-rolled or cold-rolled cold drawn wire processing to become, to increase the tensile strength of the wire above 550MPa, thus steel consumption can be reduced by more than 30%. In addition, since the production of factory automation production lines, steel mesh loss is minimal. Improve project quality welded steel mesh is in accordance with international general design and technology, manufactured by automated production lines from the production process to strict quality control, the mesh size, steel specifications and other quality requirements can be effectively controlled, there will be no site staff lashing omissions, errors or cutting corners of lashing happens, thus improving the quality of the project.
Improve the crack resistance of welded mesh manufacturing machine to check through rigorous calculation, then design specifications accurate layout, and then energized so that vertical and horizontal steel complex intersection, entire interconnection compartment neat uniform size, the stress transfer uniform load can be uniformly spread over the entire concrete structure, prevent the occurrence of cracks. Based on actual test results, road paving steel mesh steel mesh than not, can be reduced more than 75% of the fracture occurred.
Improve production efficiency: the use of steel banding and other web site can save time (save time up to 70%), and other arrangements conducive to follow-up concrete construction, shorten the construction period.
Welded steel mesh used in China is still in its infancy, the current application of the proportion of the amount of steel used in an amount of less than a tenth of the total. In the early 1990s, welded steel mesh was only the State Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of Construction as a key to promote the project and to develop national standards, procedures. In recent years, China's rapid development of infrastructure, the state investment in infrastructure continues to grow; the implementation of the western development strategy. Entered a new stage of national economic construction, energy, transportation, water, housing and municipal engineering and other infrastructure needs of welded steel mesh is bound to grow exponentially. Its market prospects are very broad; for welded steel mesh factory, large-scale production, high efficiency, in line with the requirements of environmental protection, the construction industry to adapt to the emerging trend of industrialization.
1, welded steel construction down the road is the trend of the world steel industry.
2, this new type of reinforcement steel mesh form, especially for large-scale concrete works.
3, China's cold drawn ribbed steel, hot rolled steel grade III widespread and rapid application to provide a good material foundation for the development of welded mesh. Welded mesh product standards and the use of procedures formally implemented, to improve product quality, accelerate the popularization and application played a positive role.
4, China's huge potential market demand for steel mesh.
5, steel mesh aesthetically pleasing.
6, China is the world steel big country.
7, steel mesh in the country's development has had the soft and hard conditions.


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