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Characteristics of Steel Wire Mesh Machine

With the development of China's economy and the level of industrial construction, the use of new technologies and new technologies in the construction industry has been changing with each passing day. In the construction of the traditional artificial banding reinforcement, due to the slow construction, the quality is difficult to guarantee, consumption of materials, edge material loss and other reasons, has been difficult to adapt to the current rapid development of the construction needs. Welded steel mesh with its unparalleled advantage to replace the hand bandage, is the inevitable development of the construction industry.

Practical steel wire mesh machine is a high strength, high efficiency concrete reinforcement with building materials, is in the factory by the automated production line, the design required for the vertical, horizontal cold drawn, cold rolled steel bars were a certain distance vertical Arranged, all the cross points are welded together with the resistance of the mesh mesh. Used in the floor, floor, shear wall, road pavement, deck pavement, box culvert, terminal floor, prefabricated components and other fields. Saving steel bar steel wire is made of low-carbon hot-rolled wire to cold drawn or cold-rolled processing, wire tensile strength increased to 550MPa or more, so the amount of steel can be reduced by more than 30%. In addition, because it is the factory automation production line production, steel net loss is minimal. Improve the quality of steel welded wire mesh is in accordance with the international common design and technology, made by the automated production line, the production process to strict quality control, grid size, steel specifications and other quality requirements can be effectively controlled, there will be no site staff Lashing, lashing or jerry-building situations, and thus improve the quality of the project.

Improve the resistance to crack resistance steel welded wire mesh machine manufacturing to check the rigorous calculation, and then accurately arranged according to the design specifications, and then pass the current to make its cross-section of vertical and horizontal reinforcement, the whole network spacing uniform size, the stress transmission Uniform, the load can be spread evenly over the entire concrete structure, to prevent the occurrence of cracks. According to the actual test results, the road laying reinforced mesh than non-reinforced mesh, can reduce more than 75% of the cracks occurred.

Improve production efficiency: the use of steel mesh can save field lashing and other time (save working hours up to 70%), conducive to follow-up concrete construction and other arrangements to shorten the construction period.


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