Application of welded wire mesh machine

In the high-rise exterior insulation tiles system adopts hot galvanized steel wire net "four angle net laying on the mortar, the exterior insulation brick crack protective layer is effectively enhanced, and then through the anchor will be hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh structure and fixed directly, transfer layer for transferring load body, surface layer the load to the base wall, the insulation layer can also be effectively protected, when subjected to external force, damage occurred in the anti crack protective layer and absorbed by the anti crack protective layer. Because of the hot galvanized steel wire mesh and cement mortar cracking good bond strength, tensile strength of galvanized wire mesh enhanced with reasonable horizontal direction and vertical direction, greatly improving the tile strength of base. Therefore, the "hot galvanized steel wire net reinforced structure can effectively balance the crack resistance and unity between the grass-roots strength of tile requirements, meet the insulation system stability, safety and durability needs. The use of low carbon steel wire welded wire mesh quality, through the machinery automation exact spot welding process after forming, the surface treatment of zinc dipping process, the conventional British standard production, the net surface smooth, uniform solid structure, good overall performance, even if the local cutting or under pressure also won't happen loose phenomenon, it is the strongest corrosion resistance the anti iron sieve, is one of the most widely used iron screen mesh, anti-corrosion quality make it popular in the breeding industry, the net surface smooth, increase the perception, can play a decorative role, this characteristic also makes it reflected in the mining industry, due to the use of the material of low carbon as raw material, making it unique in general do not have iron screen flexibility, identified it in the process of using plasticity, which can be used in the hardware aspects of the deep process Manufacturing, complex wall plaster, underground leak anti cracking, the net body light, so that the cost is much lower than the cost of iron mesh, more can realize its economic benefits.


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