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Steel flash welding machine

Steel bar welding machine can be divided into two kinds of nature, one is hand plate, suitable for welding diameter of 22mm in the following two or three rebar butt, just provide power, manual clamping, manual flash and upset, operation Simple, there is a pneumatic semi-automatic flash butt welder, suitable for diameter in the 12-35mm four-stage rebar flashing, due to its clamping force, fixed point relative to the more stable, so the welding quality is higher and consistent The

What is flashing

Flash is the fingers of the workpiece to fly between the flash of metal droplets phenomenon, the flash phase refers to the flash butt welding in the heating process of the core state, through the flash phase of the heat and heat transfer not only make the end surface temperature rise, but also makes the workpiece along The length of the direction of heating to the appropriate and stable temperature distribution of the state, the flash is a liquid bridge in the workpiece gap in the form and rapid blasting of the alternating process, the total cross-sectional area of liquid metal parts of the cross-sectional area, through the current density High, and soon so that part of the liquid metal together with the surface of the oxide splash with the interface, with the transfer into the short arc process to complete a welding cycle, the flash can provide a heat source of the workpiece surface dirt and media melting, The preparation of the end face requires that the vapor generated during the blasting of the liquid can form self-protection and improve the antioxidant capacity of the counterpart, and the liquid metal formed at the end of the flash can provide favorable conditions for the removal of the oxide and the superheated metal.

How is the high temperature of the welder?

The welding machine according to the shape of the object to be welded to adjust the jaws and the two jaws at the same level, and then clamp the weldment, in order to prevent the instantaneous heat welding transition, in the welding to gradually increase the adjustment level, select the appropriate secondary Voltage, in the flash welding, suitable for higher secondary voltage.

In order to avoid the use of welding parts in the process of overheating, you need to open the cooling water valve for water cooling before use.


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