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Welded wire mesh machine is widely trusted

Welded wire mesh machine superb technology, first-class service, strict management system for the manufacture of welded wire mesh machine adds a guarantee. With a sound management system, strong technical force and advanced production equipment, products by the trust of SMEs!
Welded wire mesh machine by the tone straight, pull the line agencies, cutting mechanism, steel frame length, frame and drive and other components. The aircraft structure is adjusted by the high speed rotation of the rotor angle straight wire mode, to straightening effect, then forward through the hundred rolls hundred silk.
After welded wire mesh machine reached the required size, the wire across the runway to locate key to advance forward 5 mm above the punch press and hold the knife immediately cut vertical strips, wire cutter through the vertical wire on the plate to suppress open bearings, wire it Auto off to Tuosi frame, if you want to change the length, the mobile positioning keys.
The main products are welded wire mesh machine wire drawing machine full set of equipment, pull from 6.5 mm to 0.13 mm sizes; hydrogen annealing furnace and stainless steel up machine, drawing machine can be pulled from 8 mm to 0.05 mm. Drum, stainless steel tank with a closing line is the result of special ingredients such as white iron casting, hardness, wear resistance and long service life is quite high.


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