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How to use wire mesh machine correctly?

1. Welding machine can only be welded after passing water. The active parts of the welder should always be lubricated, the weldment should be cleaned after cleaning, so as not to damage the electrode or affect the welding electrode life.

2. When the welding machine in the work of the temperature below zero degrees Celsius, welding should be completed after the use of compressed air to remove the remaining cooling water in the cooling pipe, so that water pipes and welding transformers frozen frozen.

3. The welding machine should be overhauled after maintenance and maintenance, the operator should wear canvas gloves and around the work, so as not to burn.

4 welding machine can not be damp, to prevent leakage. Long time without the use of welding machine should be checked before the insulation resistance is qualified, with 500V megger test welding machine power supply line and the insulation resistance between the shell of not less than 2.5 trillion euros can be used to power.

5. Welders use the site should be no serious impact on the welding machine insulation properties of corrosive gases, chemical deposits and corrosive, explosive, flammable media.

6. Welding machine work should be strictly in accordance with the rated load duty, not allowed to use overload.

7. Water source treatment device water distribution filter must be frequent drainage, water level can not exceed the warning line, or the water will be compressed air into the oil mist and solenoid valve cylinder, causing the solenoid valve cylinder wear to speed up, or even not work properly.


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