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What are the performance characteristics of reinforcing mesh machine

reinforcing mesh machine adopts synchronous control technique, both welding time and separate welding are automated control system management, HMI, operation intelligent, humane. The main frame is steel plate welded with the profile, so that the main structure more solid and compact. Frequency control brake motor with helical gear reducer shaft connection, welding more stable and efficient. Welding power is controlled by an electronic control pinch points transmission method, that is, when the same row weft welding, welding transformer working separately, to reduce the requirements for power transformers.
1. weft blanking mechanism: steel mesh machine stepper motor driver disc means automatic blanking, a single one-off, so that the weft yarn placement more accurate.
2. The diameter wire feed mechanism: steel mesh machine driven by servo motors Pneumatic clamping wire feeder, the diameter of the wire to the welding position, wire diameter placed to save time. (Optional)
3. pull the net mechanism: steel mesh machine uses servo motor drive pneumatic clamping device dragnet, and Latin American network size more accurate, and Latin American network size touch screen input, and can set a variety of weft spacing on the same mesh to customers flexibility and convenience; continuous reciprocating pull network, enabling extended mesh size of production.
4. Control system: steel mesh machine Panasonic PLC automatic control system, with touch-screen input, intelligent operation, simplified.
5. welding transformer: steel mesh machine efficient use of new epoxy resin casting type water cold welding network dedicated transformer, the transformer is small compared to the traditional, high security and reliability.
6. Welding grid diversification: steel mesh wire diameter spacing adjustable machine related parts, the weft spacing touchscreen input, and can set a variety of weft spacing on the same mesh, giving customers flexibility and convenience.


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