Four advantages of steel mesh steel mesh row welder production

Steel mesh in our growing operations not usually deficient, its advantages, what does?
1, to ensure the quality of the project: welded steel mesh is under quality control, automatic production. Size standards are integrally formed. Avoid artificial lost, perhaps not strong welding. Welding fault and grid size have sight attack. Its mesh toughness, flexibility, from the symmetry, the welding point bearing capacity, useful to improve the quality of the project.
2, seismic crack function better: welded steel mesh reticular structure, coupled with outstanding adhesion to concrete, able to withstand the force of a uniform load, significantly improved seismic reinforced concrete structure crack function. According to the experimental, welded steel mesh than manual tying network functions by 70%.
3, save steel consumption significantly: now doing is tying steel mesh Planning strength 200N, planned welded steel strength is 370N, based on the strength of size, Rethinking external welded adhesion size, the use of welded steel mesh 20% of home less more than the amount of steel use, and minimal loss.
4, simple operation, improve the construction progress: the use of welded steel mesh, because the simple operation, construction speed is improved. As long as welded steel mesh placement is good, it will be able to add concrete, no on-site choice, bundling and other steps. It can be shortened by 25% of the amount of work.
Welded mesh has good induction economic, planning to add strength steel reduces the amount of material savings of 20%.


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