May 15 Mr. Gavin Bailey, Head of China, CLIFFORD, South Africa, to To the JIAOYANG for technical exchanges

South Africa CLIFFORD company was founded in 1969, steel building materials manufacturing equipment is the world's leading supplier, has been to the market to provide more than 3,500 sets of machinery and equipment. Never satisfied with the status quo, always strive to provide customers with the best solution in the research and development of a huge investment. Targeted to meet the special needs of customers, the development of innovative equipment. To meet customer requirements for security and reliability, in the global fast and accurate response to customers, to provide the appropriate support. CLIFFORD company through 47 years accumulated mature advanced technical strength.

2016 Anping International Wire Mesh Expo for the first time to communicate, and invite the other person in charge to understand the development process and production scale Anping wire mesh, visit the relevant wire mesh machine company. For the wire mesh welding equipment in China market prospects for the exchange. The two sides established a deep friendship.

In the early summer of 2017, Mr. Gavin Bailey came to China again, strongly urged to visit the JIAOYANG company, to carry out further technical exchanges and negotiations, first with the JIAOYANG company leaders and sales manager to communicate the market situation of the welding machine, visit the prune wire mesh machine to produce of the steel mesh samples, and then into the welding machine production workshop, to understand the JIAOYANG's production processes and management models, exchange of several to adapt to the Chinese market of wire mesh machine products. At the same time for the JIAOYANG production workshop in the installation of products made improvements.


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