Brief Introduction of Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Steel wire mesh welding machine, is the most advanced mechanical and electrical integration of wire mesh equipment, the biggest advantage of the machine is adjustable line wire,  the cross wire space from the input computer will be able to achieve , In the welding network, if you want to change the distance of welding, you change the input data, you can achieve the hole you need, that is, welding a few large holes, and then welding a few holes , Random variable and so on. The welding of the mesh is flat, the diagonal error is very small, is the focus of national construction and application of new technology and equipment.
The main features of the steel bar welding machine are:
1. The maximum width of the welding wire 3300mm, welded steel diameter of 3mm-12mm
2. Wire spacing, any adjustable;
3. Weft spacing adjustable;
4. Welding transformer is air cold, power greater than 150KVA;
5. Welding transformer is divided into air cooling and water cooling, the transformer instantly up to 500 kilowatts
6. Can achieve a compact, sub-welding;
7. The use of weekly control to reduce power pollution;
8. The pressure of welding is adjustable;
9. Automatic control of welding, fast, high production efficiency;
10. Widely used in bridges, high-rise buildings, railway fence, highway fence and other projects of welding. Fence, floor pouring top with the net, construction network (Shu Lecong plate network, geothermal network, seedbed net, flower room with the network)
11. Machine size: 2000mm × 3000mm × 1100mm
12. Machine weight: 2.4T


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